Featured Artist: Camila Meza

Camila’s Meza’s first influences were based in 70’s Rock, including Jimi Hendrix and Led Zepellin. However, Pat Metheny’s music inspired her to buy a hollowbody guitar and started her on the road to jazz. 

In her seven years in the United States, the Chilean-born guitar player and vocalist has created a big impact on the New York jazz scene. Her Latin American roots and connection to jazz, fused with her interpretations of contemporary and popular music give her a unique voice. 

We spoke to Camila about her Sadowsky SS-15, her influences, and what it’s like to be a professional musician.

How did you first hear about Sadowsky?

I saw one of my favorite guitar players, Jim Hall using his custom made Sadowsky guitar. I’d also heard Lage Lund and Lionel Loueke playing other models and sounding great. I had been looking for a new guitar for a while and then I finally found the perfect fit with the SS-15!

What Sadowsky instruments are you currently using and why?  

I’ve had the Sadowsky SS-15 for the past three years. I was looking for a warm sounding yet versatile instrument. I find this particular guitar to be some sort of hybrid in the sense that it lets you experiment with effects and create a deep electric sound. At the same time, it still conserves the acoustic quality of the guitar—its clean tone is round and pure. I was also extremely satisfied with the fact that you can play with this guitar on a bigger/louder stage and not have crazy feedback.  

What are your preferred control settings (pan, tone settings, etc.)? 

The SS-15 has only volume and tone. I use my tone around 60/70%.

How did you make the jump to being a professional musician? What’s the biggest difference in playing on a professional level?

I feel that from the very beginning, since I picked up the guitar I was pretty serious about music. I had this commitment to get better and practice everyday, to play my ass off on any given musical scenario and to try to make the best music I could. In a way, I always knew that it was going to be my job and passion for life.

Are there any recent projects (live or recordings) that you’d like to let people know about?

Yes! Please check out my new album “Traces,” I’m so excited about this music! It came out in February and we’ve been traveling all over. It has been received so well, it has made me very happy. Available on iTunes here.

Do you have any plans for another Sadowsky?

I’d have to choose between the Semi-Hollow or the new Sadowsky steel string acoustic guitar that I was lucky to try a few months ago!

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