Jonnie Miles

During the late 80’s, one of the guitar magazines was doing an article on me and sent Jonnie Miles to do photography.  I recently came across his website and was blown away by what a great photographer he is.  His website is

Check out his music section under “Portfolio”.  This photo was taken at my 1600 Broadway shop and I am going to guess it was the late 80’s.

Bob Mann

Bob Mann has been a studio giant for decades……producing, arranging and playing guitar with Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Steve Tyrell and many more.   Bob recently acquired a road worthy Jim Hall model to replace his L-5, which had been destroyed by one too many airline handlers.  

Bob performed with the guitar for the first time at the Blue Note this week, with Steve Tyrell.  Bob has co-produced and arranged all of Tyrell’s nine albums and now that he is an “empty nester”, has joined Tyrell on the road as well.   Tyrell has taken over the spot that Bobby Short used to have at the Carlyle Hotel and performs there for 9 weeks a year every holiday season.

It is a pleasure to welcome Bob to our roster of artists.  Thanks to Craig Snyder at CR Guitars for turning Bob onto Sadowsky archtops!

Paul and Julia Adamy

Long time Sadowsky player, Paul Adamy, was recently featured with his daughter Julia in the AFM magazine, International Musician.

I go back over 25 years with Paul and he has been holding down the “bottom” at Mama Mia for many years.

Link to the article here:

Bass Northwest

I was in Seattle two weeks ago and paid a visit to my friend and Sadowsky Metro dealer, Evan Sheely, owner of Bass Northwest.

Evan has a great little shop in downtown Seattle, in a historic area.  If you are ever in Seattle and have the time, you should visit Bass Northwest!  Tell ‘im “Roger sent you”!!

Jeff Golub

I go back with Jeff Golub to the early 80’s and my first shop at 168 Madison Avenue.  I just discovered this letter on his website, dated July 1, 2011 in which Jeff discloses that he is losing his vision.  While this is incredibly sad, Jeff’s letter is a great example of being up-beat in the face of tremendous adversity.   My heart goes out to Jeff and at the same time, I am totally inspired by his attitude.

Here is an update on Jeff’s condition and an opportunity to make a contribution to his medical expense fund: