Happy Thanksgiving

For all of you reading this blog who are not from the US, we just celebrated our Thanksgiving Holiday.  Part of this holiday tradition is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which takes place in NYC.  This year, the Colombian singer Juanes was a featured performer.  Juanes has 17 Latin Grammys, more than any other artist.  Juanes played his new Sadowsky guitar which we sent him about two weeks ago!  Juanes has sponsored several concerts under the banner “Peace Without Borders”.  This guitar has “Paz Sin Fronteras” written on the headstock.  The guitar was commissioned by Juan Luis Guerra as a gift to Juanes.

I received the following email from Juanes on 12/3/10:

Hey man ! 
You have no idea how happy I am now with this guitar, in the first place because who gave me the guitar is the one and only Juan Luis Guerra, mi friend, mi angel, mi all brother., and  in second place, because it is the most beautiful guitar I”ve ever tried, in perfect tune, incredible variety of sounds , sweet and hot ! Man, you are the best !    I put a name on the guitar ..  ” la guitar de Dios”  


From the Archives! Roger circa 1975

This is a photo of me restoring a Martin C3 archtop that belonged to a fantastic guitarist named Benji Aronoff.   

This was during my 5 year stint as head of the repair shop at Medley Music in PA.  This was the Ardmore shop before they moved the store to Bryn Mawr.

Notice the capo holding my pony tail!

Latin Grammys

I am very proud of all of our friends who won at the 11th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas on November 11th.  Juan Luis Guerra won three Grammys for his new CD “A son de Guerra” and Gilberto Gil won two Grammys.   We also just finished a guitar for Alejandro Sanz, who won a Grammy for best Male Pop Vocal album.  Congratulations to all of them!!


I am extremely thrilled and also very humbled at winning the Late Night Trifecta!  The new Conan show began last night, Nov 8th, with Conan alum Mike Merritt, as the bassist with the Jimmy Vivino Basic Cable Band (love that name!).  Mike can be seen playing his new Sadowsky Vintage style 4-24 with PJ pickups.

In this age of paid product placement and endorsements, I am extremely honored that these three top professional bassists: Will Lee (Letterman),  Rickey Minor (Leno) and Mike Merritt (O’Brien) have all chosen to play a Sadowsky bass.  We are a very small company (10 including me) and all of us are just so incredibly proud!

German Perez, Artist Extraordinaire!

One of my friends is German Perez, probably the most famous living artist from the Dominican Republic.  German lives in Manhattan and Punta Cana with his wife Maria and their two children and we have been friends for many years.  About a dozen years ago, he asked me if I had a guitar he could paint and I gave him a junker that I had in storage. This is the beautiful work of art German created from “a piece of junk”.

You can view more of German’s work here:

And here on YouTube: