Letter From Greg Lake

photo courtesy of Lee Millward

From Blogger Pictures

Just received this email from Greg Lake following the Emerson Lake and Palmer reunion at the High Voltage Festival in London:

Dear Roger,

I have now played my new Shoreline Gold Sadowsky Jazz bass to an audience of 18,000 people at the High Voltage Festival here in London to a truly heart warming response and can only tell you, that this guitar surpassed even my own expectations.  The tone was rich and fulfilling throughout the entire spectrum and I have to say that it was a sheer joy to play. Anyone in search of the best need look no further, Sadowsky is definitely the bass guitar of the future.


Letter from Beto Hale

From Blogger Pictures

I just received this email from Beto Hale:

Dear Roger,
I just want to share with you that as a bandleader and composer, I have been blown away by the sound and presence of David García’s Sadowsky bass, a 4-string with a maple fingerboard and swamp-ash body. We have collaborated for many years on the stage and in the studio, and your instrument always delivers —beyond expectations. Thank you for making such great basses; it makes the whole creative process even more magical!

Beto Hale
Los Angeles, CA

L to R: Beto Hale keys, Pedro Galindo drums; David García, bass.

From the Archives! Sadowsky Dakota Homelanders

This card goes back a good 20 years. The tuba player in the band was interested in our basses. He was the only member of the band who is NOT a Sadowsky. I am not related to them. They are based out of Dickinson, North Dakota. The current incarnation of the band is The Little Bohemian Band: www.littlebohemianband.com

From Blogger Pictures

From the Archives: Don Was and Brian Wilson

Here is an old photo (1995) from the LA Times. A caped Don Was backing up Brian Wilson.

8/15 Update:
I sent an email to Don Was with a link to this blog posting and received the following reply from him within minutes:

Hey Roger…thanks for the pic!!! It’s so weird: at this very moment, I’m at Air Studios in London mixing a song that’s got Brian Wilson singing background vocals! First time I’d recorded with him since that picture was taken! Just played that bass in a live show a few weeks back….it still sounds great and asked me to send it’s regards to you!

What shall we say about this? “Good Vibrations?”

Tal Sings!

From the Herbie Hancock 70th Birthday Bash at Carnegie Hall. I look forward to hearing more singing from Tal in the future.


I am pleased to announce that we will begin to offer Block Inlays on our necks. On maple boards, we will offer ebony or pearl. On rosewood and ebony boards, we will offer pearl or abalone. The upcharge for block inlays is $450.00. This option is only available on new orders placed after July 1.

I will not be offering binding. The logistics of doing bound fingerboards on necks with fingerboard extensions is complicated and too expensive.

Premier Guitar Interview

Thanks to everyone at Premier Guitar and Robert Cantor for including us in a series “Rudy Pensa Tours New York”. A big shout out to Rudy for including us.

Feedback from Working Musicians

I just wanted to share a letter we just received from working bassist Chris Mullin. These are the kind of emails that validate our work and reinforce our passion.

Hi Mr. Sadowsky,

I am sure you get these type of emails all the time, but I felt it necessary that you know. I have been using your MV5 for the last 6 months and loving every minute of it. I can’t tell you how many sound men are saying that “this is the best bass sound, I have heard in years”. I had one theatre owner in New Hampshire (who happened to play bass with Donnie and Marie Osmond for years) try my bass after the show. He said that it was the best bass sound he had ever heard in his theatre. After the show, I let him try my bass and he is going to pick one up ASAP.

I play in a Bee Gees Tribute band and have played at Disneyworld’s Epcot Centre for the last 4 years as well as with symphonies and over in Europe and Russia. I used to play Marcus Miller’s Fender 5 string and it doesn’t compare.

Thanks again for making such a great bass,

Chris Mullin

Greg Lake’s new bass!

We just completed a beautiful new bass for Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Greg had purchased a standard 4 string of mine in the early 90’s but we never got to know each other he ended up not keeping the bass. As he began his new 2010 tour with Keith Emerson, Greg called up and ordered an Ultra Vintage 4 string. He is a wonderful, personable man. We just completed the bass and will be shipping it soon to London, where Greg is rehearsing with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer for an ELP reunion at the High Voltage Festival on July 25, 2010.

Follow up 7/13/10
Just received this email from Greg:
Dear Roger,

I have just taken delivery of my Sadowsky Gold J Bass guitar.

What a sensational piece of work it is! Just like any top class vintage instrument, it is immediately warm to the touch and light in the hands, but then as you look more closely you slowly begin to notice all the remarkable details embodied in the construction and in the meticulous way it is finished.

The low end resonance is striking and totally gratifying and the electronics and tone controls are flawless. It seems to me that in many ways this guitar surpasses some of the best vintage bass guitars ever made. The Sadowsky has undeniably redefined the paradigm for quality and has reached a completely new level of excellence in bass guitar construction.

Many thanks also to all your wonderful team, especially Kevin who took such trouble to make sure that this guitar fulfilled my dream.

Best Wishes,

Greg Lake.