Derek Trucks

I had to tweak Tal Wilkenfeld’s bass the other day at the rehearsal for Herbie Hancock’s 70th Birthday bash at Carnegie Hall. Some great names in jazz were there: Wayne Shorter, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Holland, Ron Carter as well as Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks.

Happy Metro Customer

Received this letter the other day from Douglas in Boston:

Today completes 7 days since I received my Sadowsky MV5 #4175, and my mind is still blown off with this bass, it’s so incredible how it plays and how it sounds.

I’ve got to say this: I currently own 13 Basses….. Tobias, Warwick, Ibanez, US Master, MTD, American Fender, Japanese Fender and many more brands, but it’s incredible how none of them can get even close to my Sadowsky. My Sadowsky Bass now is for sure my main bass, and I’m totally sure that this is the first of them because very shortly I will be getting other Sadowskys.
For me Sadowsky Basses are simply THE BEST of the BASS WORLD, and wherever I go from now on I’ll be carring my Sadowsky with me.

Thanks Roger, Kevin, Paige and the entire gang at Sadowsky for such a great instrument, customer service and everything you guys did for me.

Douglas Giorgiani

Letter From The Road

I received this wonderful email last week from a production manager with a major artist. Their US tour has ended and they are on the way back to London. I find this priceless….

I want you to know I am still getting laid wearing the Sadowsky t-shirt and look forward to getting more while in London.


Russell Malone and Sonny Rollins

Russell Malone sent me this great photo of him and Sonny Rollins. Russell is holding his LS-17.
I want to share that Russell had a Semi-Hollow for less than a year before I finished my first LS-17. Since Russell was an L5 fan, I wanted his feedback on the LS-17. He borrowed it for a week or two and when I checked in with him, he said the loved the Semi-Hollow so much, he really wasn’t looking for another guitar. He was just about to start a week at the Blue Note NYC with Ron Carter and I asked him if he could, to just try it out and give me his opinion. Well, he tried it on the second set of the first night, and has never put it down since……